Food and Night

Jack’s café right next to my lodging place is really good!! However, it’s almost like you go to a very good brunch place here in New York.As we want to try some real Peruvian food as taking advice from our afternoon tour guide. This little adventure proofed to be a huge mistake two days after. It cost me money (70 sole = 23 dollars, very expensive in Peru) and time (I eventually get sick in Cusco and can’t leave hotel for a full day)!!

I had a guinea pig for dinner …..Wrong decision…

Plaza de Armas night scene is quite pretty, and I got the chance to test my tripod. So my conclusion is - an empty restaurant get to try your tripod is never ever a good sign!!

Plaza de Armas_09-23-10_04

jacks cafe_09-23-10_15

Plaza de Armas_09-23-10_14

Plaza de Armas_09-23-10_03