New York Skyline - An abstract image represents a city I live.

The wood block grain can sometimes be fairly frustrated when you try to be as precise as possible. With a little of mis-forced on your knife, the fine edge chipped away fairly quickly. But working image in an abstract form can turn this toward your advantage. I kind of like the pattern on Mahogany and you can work with those line as vertical or speedy elements as in your image. Anyway, the bottom line is: You just carve on to these blocks and forget the finicky detail you have on your paper, its kind of fun this way to play w/ your block.

manhattan manhattan a This is a hand block print. Using Philippine Mahogany (Luan) with hand applied textures. Image/Paper is 8x11" - Printed with water base ink and gouache on 100% cotton paper, 250 gsm.

Moon Rabbit and Bay Tree

Next Year's Chinese Birth Symbol is RabbitSo I did this.... This is a hand linocut print. Image inspireed from a chinese folk tale story.

Image/Paper is 9x11" - Printed with water base Prussian Blue Ink on 280 gsm Rives BFK cotton paper (cream color).


Ollanytaytombo - Alien Giant with old chief

The big giant “god” figure is the most astonishing image in the guide-book long before my trip. Quite frankly, I was sort of disappointed when I saw the real figure since I thought it can be carved out of a mountain.However, these giant steps to the Sun Temple at its top marked me an unforgettable memory. It’s 2,792 m (9,160 ft), and jumping and shouting is a sure not to do when you still not adjust well to high altitude. (However, when I had arrived Amantani of Lake Titicaca later climbing somewhat at 3800m, I feel very near to collapse) I like the view from top of mountain seeing Valley River intertwined and change its curve in front the sculpted mountain, I suppose it should be fairly dramatic when the river flooded. The so call “Inca” chief face right at the silhouette profile of mountain capture the 1st light at winter solstice at is eye, sound mysterious but poetic, isn’t it? Afterward…it’s the time for the train ride…Machu Picchu —WE ARE COMING!!!

the scale of rock Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_17

valley with agriculture Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_62

the big chief Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_76

the giant Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_77

overall view of valley Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_74

Bazaar.. I had been bugging to buy a book for 50 sole here and not be able to cut it down to 40. I gave up, but regret afterward since nowhere else again during my trip I can get this book. After all I knew, this book had been only sold in Cusco(weird). If you would buy in Amazon now, it’s 100 USD. Should got a stack when I had chance~ Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_93

before the train ride Ollantaytambo_09-24-10_174

Pisac Ruin

All I know about this place before my visit is a fact that there is a great bargain market below the mountain. However, the terrace over here is quite dramatic and apparently they are still using it as today (to see terrace on this altitude is very abnormal as well). The valley river- Urubamba is completed draught since we visit here at the end of dry season. Because of its strategic location; this is a spot known for its military / agriculture / religious. I don’t feel having much connection to this landscape and due to the sky is overcast w/ dull and flat light with the chill wind around me, I just feel simply a sorrow and memorable glory of the Inca past. Pisac_09-24-10_48




Zoo, Farm and the Factory

Or a Textile manufacturingToday we descend to Sacred Valley, it actually feel a lot better physiologically since I’ll be in lower elevation. The very first stop is a place called Awanacancha, where we see a variety of camelids (llamas, alpacas, vicunas). This is a place dedicate to traditional textile art. The part I enjoy the most is the dying process of the wool, all the dye are natural. In my photo, the red ink is actually from an egg of insect that parasite on a cactus plant.



I'm sweating already farm_09-24-10_147




Food and Night

Jack’s café right next to my lodging place is really good!! However, it’s almost like you go to a very good brunch place here in New York.As we want to try some real Peruvian food as taking advice from our afternoon tour guide. This little adventure proofed to be a huge mistake two days after. It cost me money (70 sole = 23 dollars, very expensive in Peru) and time (I eventually get sick in Cusco and can’t leave hotel for a full day)!!

I had a guinea pig for dinner …..Wrong decision…

Plaza de Armas night scene is quite pretty, and I got the chance to test my tripod. So my conclusion is - an empty restaurant get to try your tripod is never ever a good sign!!

Plaza de Armas_09-23-10_04

jacks cafe_09-23-10_15

Plaza de Armas_09-23-10_14

Plaza de Armas_09-23-10_03

Sacsayhuamán or Saksaq Waman, Sacsahuaman or Saxahuaman – you call whatever you want, just not like the way we did – Sexy Women

Sacsayhuamán or Saksaq Waman, Sacsahuaman or Saxahuaman – you call whatever you want, just not like the way we did – Sexy Women We were at 3700 masl (meter above sea level)- close to the tip of Yuhshan Mountain; this stone work complex was completed during early-Inca (Killke Period). Currently this place host festival during the winter solstice (our summer solstice in north hemisphere). The stone work with abstract figure continues throughout three terrace wall around the plaza. I was still amazed with the stone work that interlocks with keyed in only even I had seen tons of photos of it.

Unfortunately the tour guide seems lack of interest in showing us the whole site so we never get the chance to go to the upper terrace. It was said the Saksaq Waman represent the 3 winkle of the puma’s head – like the picture below. What do you say? Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_32

Can you spot a fish out of this photo? Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_01 Meet the Team!! Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_13 View Over the city Saksaq Waman_09-23-10_50

My first sight of Cusco City

Just two days before we arrive, Cusco was “hosting” a strike started from Espinar against Majes-Siguas project - (an infrastructure project that brings water from Andes Mountain to its capital Lima). Protesters are mainly farmers from Espinar far south. The train to Machu Picchu was suspended for two days and trapped a lot of tourists. With all the negative chances we might encounter, the strike eventually stopped on the day we arrived. The road represents an aftermath of such event, covered with road block and stone debris. After we enter the city, the road is paved with cobblestone – probably limestone? The road is really bumpy but somehow I’m not car sick –just yet. Most of the cars are all relative small and a lot of them are second hand Japanese car, our Minivan seems quite luxury compare to those. Not soon after arrive hotel, the high altitude sickness kick in. My head start blowing up gradually and eventually I went all collapse two day after.

I caught a shot of Llama right outside of hotel. And…it was not until later of my trip that I realized I should pay for the right to take a photo of Llama … say one sole. So…the city’s economic is heavily rely on tourist, Cusco”er” dress up their traditional clothes with Llama posing around tourist spot. You can see now the strike probably hurt us tourist, but down the line – hurt them the most. cusco_09-23-10_37 cusco_09-23-10_32

Landing in Cusco

It was Sep. 23, 2010.My first trip to South America is - Peru. I believe this is a trip fulfill my dream as an “archeologist”. Our overnight flight land around 7 AM in Lima and a transfer flight get us to Cusco. I’m getting all excited and looking forward my first engages with the Inca.

So here are some beautiful clouds.. it must be pretty windy? ….with my CPL filter. Huh? The result is Rainbowish!

arrivecusco_09-23-10_25 arrivecusco_09-23-10_49 cusco_09-23-10_46

Life of circle

after comment from a friend saying "interesting part of block printing is you'r ecarving our mirror image" .. so i did this. "Blind Carving" and try to get closer of what I want...not too bad I guess

First Real Woodblock

so, I got my first wood block cut on a real chunk of wood. An scrab piece I got from the material sample. and...its "Olive" Hell, how hard it was and damage almost all my tool..... well, the result of my print is pretty much a compromise of my stength that surrender this stubborn wood block

Lets talk about Paper "Yasutomo Japanese Sketch Paper"

When I strat printing, I just want to have a cheap and easy media that can fulfill my satisfaction on print hours of searching- "Yasutomo Japanese Sketch Paper" comes out of result. I use speedball water soluble ink(till- now) because then I don't have to clean up oil mess due to my inexperienced skill and knowledge of print making.

and it is not untill later in my block printing lessons i known the term "sized" mean. but this sketch paper serve me well --i still use it for most of my test print. its $6.48 for 48 sheets 9*12 ... less than 14cents each.

When it all Started

I did my first linocut out of a floor sample debris and a set of tools from my old roommate...and out of my expectation... it turns out quite interesting and encourage me to continue this crafty - art working process  below is my first cut with lino on chipboard backing and printed with speedball water soluble ink.